Reshaping the music industry

Explore firsthand accounts of how at sesh we are redefining artist and fan interactions. Dive into a collection of news that showcase the transformative power of our music communities platform.
Spotify partners with sesh to build the communities of RADAR artists

Spotify has formed a unique partnership with sesh, a platform focused on empowering artist communities, which will offer tools to each RADAR artist to build their fan base.

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Spotify and sesh close partnership to empower emerging artists

Recognizing the importance of empowering artist communities, Spotify, the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service, announced an innovative partnership with sesh.

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Connect in a new way with your favorite artist through sesh

The new platform sesh supports artists by allowing them to connect with their fans directly, fostering a closer relationship and empowering them to enhance their careers through fan engagement.

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sesh, the tool that aims to redefine the connection between artists and fans

sesh aims to provide artists with tools for managing their communities, bringing them closer to their audience, and enabling them to enhance their careers with more and better data.

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Introducing sesh: A tool that empowers artists with community ownership

sesh enables artists to take ownership and control of their community, offering direct amplification, data insights, and enhanced monetization without interference from social media algorithms or intermediaries.

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