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Be more than just a listener

At sesh, we believe that every fan has a voice. Engage directly with your favorite artists through interactive polls, live Q&A sessions, streaming parties and collaborative events. Your participation shapes the music world.
For fans
sesh support - Connect + engage + experience with your communities
Open your first session in Sesh to explain your community what will they find there and post a story on Instagram with a video telling your followers to join your community with a direct link
Influence the music with your voice
Take part in artist-led polls and Q&A sessions. Your input and feedback play a crucial role in shaping the music and decisions of your favorite artists. It’s your chance to be heard.
Connect with your community
Engage in discussions in the fanverse, share your experiences, and connect with other fans on sesh. Our platform is a hub for music enthusiasts worldwide to bond over their shared passion.
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