Unlock the Power of Your Fan Data

Segment, Analyze, and Engage with Sesh

Take control of your fan data and turn it into actionable insights. With Sesh, you can segment your audience, analyze their behavior, and engage with them in meaningful ways.
For Artists
sesh support - Connect + engage + experience with your communities
Open your first session in Sesh to explain your community what will they find there and post a story on Instagram with a video telling your followers to join your community with a direct link
Your Data, Your Way
At Sesh, we believe that artists should have full control over their fan data. Our platform allows you to own, manage, and utilize your data to create targeted experiences that resonate with your audience.
Know Your Fans Like Never Before
Sesh enables you to slice and dice your fan data in various ways, helping you identify key segments and tailor your marketing efforts for maximum impact.
  • Demographic data (extended with subscriptions module)
  • Sesh Engagement Index:  Platform participation, content generation, lifetime value and purchase history
Make Informed Choices with Sesh Insights
Our platform provides detailed analytics and reporting, giving you a deep understanding of your fan base and allowing you to make data-driven decisions that drive engagement and growth.
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