The collective power of dedicated fans can yield remarkable results in boosting an artist's song streams. With sesh, artists wield the tools to harness this potential and rally their fan base towards common goals, such as increasing song streams. Through the innovative feature of streaming parties, artists can orchestrate sessions where fans unite, amplifying their impact as a community. The results speak volumes:

Lucia de la Puerta orchestrated a Streaming Party with her community, resulting in a staggering 275K streams within just 7 days. This remarkable achievement accounted for over 30% of the song's total streams for the entire first month, all achieved with the participation of only 2.8K members, boasting an impressive engagement rate of 72%.

TIMØ strategically employed a Streaming Party session to elevate streams for one of their catalog songs, 'Conquistar El Planeta,' setting a target of 50K streams. Astonishingly, their community surpassed expectations, driving approximately 120K streams in a mere 48 hours. With just 1.8K members participating, this initiative achieved an outstanding engagement rate of 77%.

These compelling examples underscore the transformative power of sesh in enabling artists to galvanize their fan base, elevate their streaming numbers, and achieve remarkable success in the ever-evolving music landscape.