Fans possess an incredible power to propel artists' careers forward, and one effective method to harness this power is by incentivizing and rewarding them, thereby making them feel intimately connected to the artist's journey. Through sesh, fans not only feel closer to the artist but also receive recognition for their unwavering support. Within sesh, artists can seamlessly reward their fans for their continuous support, thereby incentivizing participation and driving their own careers to new heights.

Here are some compelling examples of how artists leverage sesh to cultivate closer connections with their fans.

TIMØ VIP Experience

TIMØ, aiming to curate an unforgettable VIP experience for their fans at a hometown show in Bogota, organized a 30-minute session exclusively for Colombian fans, offering 60 VIP tickets. Utilizing sesh's segmentation tool, they targeted their Colombian fans, resulting in an 88% session entry rate and 82% interaction rate, with 42.8K interactions recorded within half an hour. This initiative marked the first curated free fan experience for loyal supporters, significantly enhancing fan sentiment.
Before sesh, there wasn’t a curated free fan experience to compensate the most loyal fans. Fans didn’t feel they got a reward for being loyal. After sesh, fans get rewarded for their loyalty and the fan sentiment is amazing. Repercussion in social media was great when fans started to share with other people how they’ve gotten rewarded by TIMØ with a different access line, special VIP identifications and signed posters.

paopao M&G

paopao, gearing up for her performance at the Coca-Cola Flow Fest in CDMX, organized a meet & greet event to engage with her Mexican fan base. Using sesh's RSVP tool, she invited her Mexican fans, achieving an impressive 83% session entry rate and 54% RSVP completion rate. Ultimately, 51% of the targeted members attended the fan activation, resulting in a significant growth of the community in Mexico and a successful first-ever meet & greet, fostering a positive sentiment for both Paopao and her fans.

Piso21 Giveaway

Piso21, in appreciation of their fans' dedication, conducted a ticket giveaway for their show in Mexico City. This dynamic initiative generated an astonishing 83.7K comments within 24 hours, demonstrating the immense engagement and enthusiasm of the fan base. Fans were successfully selected using sesh’s data tool.

Mar Lucas & Polo Nández real-live dynamic

Mar Lucas and Polo Nandez engaged their fans in real-life activities by organizing a gymkhana promoting their new single, creating an interactive and memorable experience for their dedicated supporters.