In the dynamic world of music, artists are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their fans and create memorable live experiences. With sesh, artists have the tools to transform traditional show experiences into immersive and unforgettable events that leave a lasting impact on audiences. By leveraging the power of their fan communities, artists can elevate their shows to new heights, fostering deeper connections and engagement with their fans like never before.

Let's take a closer look at how sesh is empowering artists to uplift their show experiences.

Engaging Fan Actions

Take, for example, The Change, who recently embarked on a creative initiative to engage her community by hosting an exclusive merch giveaway for fans sporting "crew555" identification at her show. The results were astounding:

  • Members from Mexico were targeted using sesh's segmentation feature.
  • 79% of the targeted members entered the session.
  • 66% of the members attended the show with "crew555" items.
  • Over 150 exclusive merchandise items were distributed.
  • The show achieved a great sentiment among attendees.

Facilitating Fan Connections

TIMØ, another artist utilizing sesh, orchestrated a dynamic experience through targeted sessions aimed at bringing fans together and amplifying show attendance. The results were remarkable:

  • Colombian members were targeted through segmentation.
  • 74% of the targeted members entered the session.
  • The venue reached full capacity, and fans collaborated to travel together, showcasing the power of sesh in fostering fan connections and enhancing the live show experience.