Streaming Parties: Turn Up the Volume on Artist Support

Join Forces to Elevate Music Together

Streaming Parties are the new stage for fans to amplify their favorite artists’ music. It’s where your plays hit harder, pushing songs to new heights and shining a spotlight on hits in targeted markets.
The Sesh App
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Open your first session in Sesh to explain your community what will they find there and post a story on Instagram with a video telling your followers to join your community with a direct link
Empower Tracks to Trend with Every Stream
At Sesh, Streaming Parties are more than just listening sessions; they're strategic gatherings designed to boost streaming numbers and algorithmic recognition, giving artists a competitive edge in today's digital music scene

How Streaming Parties Work

Strategic Song Selection
Artists choose a track and set a streaming target, transforming new releases into trending topics. Fans rally behind these goals, turning each play into a stepping stone towards viral success.
Fans Fuel the Fire
Your streams have power. Join a Streaming Party to contribute to collective goals and compete in rankings. Every play from fans like you is a vote towards music chart triumph.
Measure the Movement
Watch live as fan engagement unfolds, tracking the surge in streams and celebrating each milestone. It’s a transparent way to see the direct impact of your support.
Why Streaming Parties are a Game-Changer
  • Launch Power: Supercharge new releases with fan-driven streaming marathons.
  • Algorithm Boosting: Enhanced activity that algorithms can’t ignore, increasing track visibility.
  • Market Penetration: Strategically boost presence in specific markets, speaking directly to the right audience.
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